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Email is an integral part of any integrated activity, responsiveness far exceeds that of social media. Email marketing is a powerful tool to keep your brand front of mind of your consumer, keep them informed when you have something new to say and leverage them to share your content to a wider audience.

DVO integrate email tactics such as newsletters to drive engagement, updates on new products and services or interesting news from the brand. Email marketing plays a key role in many campaign activation, utilising existing email databases to kick-start activity to an already engaged audience.

We manage the creative, production, broadcast and optimisation of email marketing campaigns as part of our integrated approach to communications. Using enterprise level email software gets us into the inbox we want to reach and gives us the reporting depth we require. The email data we record provides valuable insights that we apply to other campaign elements helping to continually test, learn and refine. Or in plain English, sell more.

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T: +44(0)20 3771 2461

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