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Content marketing

Creation, distribution and promotion of content that moves people closer to purchasing your products and services.

Content marketing by DVO.

“Content marketing is a marketing strategy that leverages connected consumer behaviour. A sub-set of communications it emphasises the creation, distribution and promotion of content in the right place, at the right time to meet consumer needs and move them closer to purchase.”

DVO, 2016.

Executing effective content marketing is the result of both research and data analysis, getting under the skin of the consumer, understanding their journey, needs, passions and goals.  Only then can you develop successful ideas and strategy with purpose. The best content marketing exists as an ecosystem with a digital experience at the heart surrounded by distribution , conversation and promotional channels. These experiences are powerful and create a real asset for your brand. To do it properly requires a different mindset, old world methodologies of boom and bust activity levels don’t work.  Creating a content proposition requires in-depth understanding of consumer behaviour, an ability to tell a coherent story in many different ways and places and a commitment to the long term, it’s not a campaign and approaching it like one doesn’t work.

At DVO content marketing is about getting to the bottom of what a consumer really needs, what are their goals and passions. That’s the only way we can create content that will excite, educate and motivate consumers to keep them coming back again and again.

The content marketing mindset flies against traditional strategies creating real value for a consumer.  At DVO we aim to create content marketing propositions that sit side by side with other products and services in a brands portfolio.

DVO’s planning and strategy places increased emphasis on segmentation, persona development and journey mapping to define important touch points. This gives us a framework to develop content and most importantly distribution it in the right places to motivate the action we want to achieve. Simple campaign ideas don’t work within a content marketing strategy, rather we create the “long idea”, which overarches all aspects of content we create and publish, creative strategies lean heavily on user generated content and authenticity alongside brand created assets. Technical services allow us to create the experiences that make content marketing successful. Take a look at our case studies here  to see how we take it a step further to create something that has real long term value.

User generated content

Integrating user generated content into any strategy is no longer just a nice to have, it’s a must have. With connected consumers responding on average 90% higher than pure brand content building a framework that supports and encourages UGC is a brand imperative.

Download the latest DVO user generated content white paper.


DVO develop and manage a number of different UGC implementations:

Campaign led

Creating a campaign strategy that encourages users to contribute content such as a competition or offer. Usually built within a stand alone or existing platform.

Technology based

Sourcing and curating user generated content through software which forms an integral part of DVO technology stack. This allows us to filter out brand related content and curate the best examples to be served directly into a brands web application. Content can be repurposed and additionally used within various online and offline ad platforms.


A combination of bespoke UGC and sourced content to sit alongside brand content within an overall content marketing strategy. This creates a powerful asset for a brand to utilise across it’s entire communications ecosystem.

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