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A full service digital agency, created to help clients face the challenges of the digitally connected world.

Because we are marketers first, we understand the problems clients are facing in today's marketing landscape. With decades of experience both client and supplier side, we can work alongside you, to support your business and help you grow.
Our objective was simple, create an agency for the digitally connected age. An agency that grows businesses, makes brands relevant and delivers omni-channel customer experiences.

About DVO, our story, philosophy and mission.


DVO was created by a group of like-minded individuals from a wide range of marketing specialities both agency and importantly client side. They collectively share the view that the majority of the agency offerings on the market are lacking one important thing – true client understanding. So they set out to change that and DVO is the result.

With their unique perspective they set about creating an agency that would be mindful of the challenges that marketers faced, free of jargon but geared to offer an end to end service that would enable them to create and implement effective strategies, ideas and technology to better align with the reality of today’s connected consumer.

So often agencies position themselves as full service, but very few can realistically offer real expertise across the full range of marketing services, particularly from a digital perspective. DVO differs in that we hold the core agency offering; planning & strategy, creative, technical and activation, in-house and then build bespoke specialist teams from our hand-selected roster of experts, to match each set of unique client requirements. What this means for clients is that they’re firstly not paying for highly-skilled staff that they’re not using and also that the team members working on their business align perfectly to their brand, market sector and position. No two companies are the same so no two teams put together by DVO are either.

We believe we are uniquely placed to help businesses along their journey to successful, sustainable marketing in the digital age. We’re ambitious and innovative but realistic about the solutions we offer, ensuring they are always in the bbest interests of our clients. We take an individual approach to every brief we take on, avoiding smoke and mirrors by working collaboratively and transparently with you. Your challenges are complex, our job is to develop solutions that can be explained in simple, human terms.

Lean full service the evolution of the agency model.


DVO opperate what we term lean full service. As an approach this prioritises leadership and hands-on expertise. It’s the antithesis of the traditional agency model with superstar leaders rolled out for pitches and annual reviews and junior staff doing the bulk of the work. In a lean full service world strategy, creative and technology leaders are hands on with client projects, supported by client service we use a constantly evolving technology stack and key collaborations to build the bespoke production and activation teams around each individual client demand.

In a lean full service world leadership is key, not just to offer our clients the best possible skill set at all stages of our relationship but because we exist in times of constant change. The most successful projects need strong leadership from the get-go to avoid the pitfalls that clients moving to a digitally-led approach can often encounter.

We help you put consumers at the heart of your brand, you’re at the heart of our agency.


DVO was founded on the basis of marketers needs being just as important as the strategies that better align to modern digital consumers. We understood from day one where traditional agencies had failed to evolve and we’ve done something about it.
You won’t find bloated retainers at DVO, we’re agile by design. We’ve created an environment that can help you transition from where you are now to a more customer centric place based on the demands of the connected consumer. What that means is that we take things at a pace that you and your brand can thrive within. We excel at marketing but we’re also good at understanding how your organisation lives and breaths and how receptive to change you are. We do all of this in complete collaboration with you and your teams. Our work acts as a catalyst to help you do the things that will bring you closer to your customers.

We work best with…

Ambitious marketers who’re seeking to continually improve and don’t mind a bit of change along the way. Whether your brands new on the block or you’re established, the common thread we see in our clients is a clear understanding that consumers behave differently today. DVO clients recognise that the same old marketing strategies don’t cut it anymore and a new approach is needed.

Who’s running the show, check out DVO’s leadership team below.

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Ben Dickens

Ben Dickens

Managing Director

DVO‘s founder and MD, Ben takes responsibility for leading the direction of the agency, new business, and client strategy.

Tel: 020 3771 2461

Jackie Clode-Dickens

Jackie Clode-Dickens

Marketing Director

Jackie brings over 15 years marketing insight from senior client side roles. Her insights into the challenges faced by marketers are key to the ongoing development of DVO. It’s her job to spread the DVO message and keep us grounded in the reality of our clients needs

Tel: 020 3771 2461

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