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2016, tapping in to post disruption.

Ben Dickens, January 18, 2016

I’m not even going to attempt to make predictions for 2016. Instead I thought I’d talk about what our business is doing and how we are tapping into the post disruption phenomenon we’re seeing in many sectors.

Continuing on from DVO’s rebrand last year, we are now starting to filter through how we as a creative business, intend to differentiate ourselves in the market. This mainly involves highlighting why we’re different and why the hell you should work with us. DVO has a clear path for clients. At the traditional end, we offer services on a typical professional services model, based around our core skills planning, creative, technology and activation. Then it gets interesting.

The other end of the spectrum sees us launch fully fledged, digital businesses into the market. We develop them from internal ideas and external collaborations, prove concept, work them through funding, staff them and watch them go into the world. A bit like sending your kids off to university.

It’s about creating options. Sure, you can continue to work with us the same way you have with agencies for years, or you can dip into projects we are incubating at various stages along their lifecycle, co-founder, collaborator, commercial partner or investor. It turns innovation into reality.

Why have we done this? Well the agency model, in fact the professional services model as a whole, is very tired and it needs shaking up. Secondly we’re really good at spotting opportunities in markets we have a deep understanding of, particularly those that have been created as a result of digital disruption. And we’re entrepreneurs and we want to show it.

We’ve started to categorise these as “post disruption” opportunities. Opportunities that have been created by the original digital disruptors who’ve changed consumer behaviours and perceptions in the verticals they work in. It’s a growing space in most sectors, driven by the new and not so new digital brands, who’ve quickly taken market share from the incumbents who’ve been slow on the uptake. But now the gaps are starting to appear and in fact we think it represents the perfect space for traditional brands to fight back. How are you taking advantage of post disruption?

2016 will see us move projects in the travel, real estate and fitness sectors forward. Get in touch if you have something you’d like to collaborate on, either a project of ours or maybe something you need a collaborator to work on with you.

The reality is the model we’ve developed plays to our strengths. We’re delivering on the same strategies through creativity and technology that we would on a traditional client project. We’re simply taking it one or two steps further into a fully fledged business proposition.

If you’d like to talk about how we can develop something for you, collaborate or you’d like to understand more about propositions we are already developing and how you can be involved, drop me an email.Contact us.

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